Eggy Car

If you were tasked with transporting a large egg across rough terrain, including bumpy roads, steep hills, and deep valleys, how would you go about it? Most likely, you’d opt for an extremely cautious approach, driving at a very slow pace.

Welcome to Egg Car, a game that centers around the delicate task of safely transporting a massive egg atop your vehicle without inadvertently causing a disaster, which is easier said than done. The game is controlled using just two buttons, one for moving forward and the other for moving backward. Initially, your mission might seem like a walk in the park. Your car moves relatively smoothly compared to the vehicles in games like Hill Climb Racing, and while the hills are steep, they’re not too challenging to climb with a bit of speed. However, this can be a grave mistake.

The game offers minimal protection for your egg, with only two short walls on either side to prevent it from sliding off your car. A sudden increase or decrease in speed can easily send your egg tumbling off the vehicle, resulting in a game over scenario.

To succeed in Egg Car, you must utilize your surroundings, including the hills and valleys, to gradually accelerate your car without endangering your precious cargo. While it may not be the easiest game to master, its reliance on straightforward physics principles makes it accessible and enjoyable, even for those with little prior gaming experience or practice.

Egg Car features charming, toy-like graphics, a variety of cars to unlock, and a gameplay system that is easy to grasp, regardless of your gaming skills. It’s a game we recommend to virtually anyone who enjoys physics-based games or wants to hone their skills before attempting the challenging task of transporting a dinosaur egg for lunch. Give Egg Car a try, and you won’t be disappointed!